Faith Church Community Garden is Available for Community Use

For more than a decade, Faith Christian Reformed Church has hosted a community garden south of its church parking lot.  In 2018, thirteen different vegetable gardeners have 12-foot by 27-foot plots in the gardens; some gardeners are member of Faith Church; others are Pella residents who wanted a gardening space. Some of the gardeners share their produce, putting it on a table in the church foyer for others to take home and enjoy. In addition, the community gardens have a small flower garden maintained by Kathy Groenenboom and Pearl Menninga. Anyone interested in a vegetable garden plot for 2019 can inquire while visiting Faith Church.

Also of interest at the church during the tour are the decorative pots and garden art available for purchase. Available pieces include including bird baths, gourd birdhouses, stepping stones, and hypertufa pots, planted with annuals. (See photos.)  Lemonade and cookies are available, and this is also the point of departure for the shuttle service to the Geetings garden. The Geetings driveway does not accommodate two-way traffic, and visitors are asked not to take private transportation to the Geetings gardens, but to use the shuttle service which will run during all of the hours of the tour.

Garden Photos

Garden Art Photos


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