Gazebo and Greenhouse Part of Van Klompenburg Gardens

Carol Van Klompenburg’s garden at 599 228th Place has a sunny front yard and a shady backyard, allowing for a range of perennials and shrubs. Running through the entry garden is a dry creek bed bordered by boulders and a paver walkway.  In the side yard is a large stand of miscanthus grass, often called pampas grass.

The backyard is shaded by bur oaks and pine trees. It is bordered on two sides by Carol’s flower gardens and on the third side by Marlo Van Klompenburg’s raised-bed vegetable garden, creating a secluded and peaceful atmosphere.

An additional back yard feature is an octagon gazebo, used to start plants in spring and as a getaway with a chair, desk, and hammock the rest of the year. A small greenhouse in the side yard is also used for starting plants.

A special attraction at the Van Klompenburg gardens is Tending Beauty, Carol’s gardening book being released by the Write Place in conjunction with the June 29 through July 1 garden tour. Also available at the Van Klompenburg garden are made-in-Nicaragua ceramics and jewelry.


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