Daylilies and Theme Gardens Part of Ginny’s Garden

Not long after she met her first daylily at Wilson’s Gardens, Ginny Geetings fell in love with them. That was a decade or so ago, and her gardens now have more than 430 different cultivars of daylilies—each of them labeled by name.

In addition to the daylilies, Ginny has 138 lilium, 16 varieties of allium, and 44 kinds of iris.  These specialties mingle with other perennials in the theme gardens sprinkled across the three-acre lawn with a several mile vista of the surrounding countryside.

Ginny has a welcome garden, a lilac garden, a grandchildren’s garden (each grandchild chose a plant), a prayer garden (all plants have Biblical names) and a family garden (with a plant with the name of each person in her family of origin). She even has a “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” garden!

Ginny says her mother always gardened, and Ginny grew up helping her. She has discovered that she prefers flower gardening over vegetable gardening.  She says, “I love the relaxation and the quiet, and I enjoy seeing each flower open.  It is great prayer time.”


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