Trees Add Variety to Kuyers Garden

Jon Kuyers’ garden at 506 Liberty Street, Pella, is a mix of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. In choosing garden items, Jon considers their colors, shapes, textures, sizes—and even their scents.

Jon started gardening 20 years ago when he just wanted to add a little color to the landscaping around the house—and it took off from there.

His favorite features are the 30 varieties of trees on the property, with their wide-ranging of textures, shapes, and colors.  His favorite tree is the tri-color beech. He says, “Its foliage really stands out or the whole growing season, providing a nice color contrast with the surrounding plants and trees.”

Visitors will likely see a variety of daylilies, hydrangeas, and annuals in bloom during the days of the tour. Jon says he enjoys gardening as a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the peacefulness it brings at the end of a busy day. He also enjoys sharing his garden with others—something he will get a chance to do during the June 29 through July 1 garden tour.



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